The 7 Best History Apps That Make Learning History Exciting

Thanks to interactive learning methods, smartphones can turn even the most boring subjects into enjoyable and informative experiences.

History is generally a course that doesn’t attract enthusiasm from many people. But with the right apps, you can overcome its dreary image and maybe even have some fun. Here are seven apps for anyone interested in learning more about history.

1. The History Channel

The History Channel is home to many well-known documentaries and television shows, and they are always creating and creating new content. If you pay for cable through a TV provider—DirectTV Stream, AT&T U-Verse, Cox, Dish, Frontier, and so on—you can access all the content on The History Channel mobile app for free. Can

If you don’t have a cable subscription, don’t worry! There’s still tons of free content on the app to keep you entertained and educated. When you select a show to view more details, you’ll see two buttons—All and Unlocked—that you can use to filter out locked and free content. You can learn about historical places, devices, people, and more through The History Channel.

2. Historical Calendar / Today in History

The historical calendar tells you in chronological order what happened on a particular day (in both ancient and modern history). By default, the app shows events from the current day’s date, but you can change the date manually if you want.

You can also search by keyword to locate specific moments. The app divides the data into categories like events, births, deaths, holidays etc. To make things more interesting, almost everything has a picture to go along with a historical snippet of information.

Historical Calendar also has options to copy, share and even export portions so you can save the information for later or enlighten friends and family. Once you’ve finished educating yourself, you can test your knowledge by visiting the Quizzes tab.

Historical Calendar is only available for Android, but a similar app called Today in History is a good alternative for iOS users.

3. History Timeline

If you want a platform that focuses more on historical dates than anything else, give History Timeline a try. It puts all kinds of important events into a scrollable, compact timeline. You can zoom in to see more detailed information, zoom out if you prefer a more comprehensive view of events, and tap on individual entries to read even more about them. History Timeline appends Wikipedia links if you wish to read further.

You can also favorite articles you’ve enjoyed and save them for later. Then, History Timeline has a handy custom filter feature that lets you configure specific periods and go straight to your favorite historical times in seconds.

4. Google Arts & Culture

Learn more about the world’s most famous artists with Google’s Arts & Culture app. The app showcases the stories behind historically popular artwork and the artist’s cultural achievements. You can curate your favorite artwork and even take a virtual tour of some famous museums and cultural sites.

In the Nearby tab, the app shows you cultural history from your current location, so you can learn more about your hometown or the new city you’re visiting. Then, for a bit of fun, the app has a fun tool called Art Selfie that lets you find your lookalikes from the past.

5. History Today

The app for History Today magazine features digital versions of every issue the company has released, each filled with well-researched and interesting content. You can find stories on topics such as Tutankhamun, the succession of emperors, democracy in Brazil, Eleanor Roosevelt, Kennedy and Churchill, and the Antikythera Mechanism.

Each magazine is specially formatted for digital devices such as smartphones or tablets, so it’s easy to read wherever you are.

While you can download the History Today app for free, you will need to pay for the individual magazine issues you want to read. Each individual magazine is usually $4.99, or you can purchase a monthly subscription for $3.99 or an annual subscription for $44.99. Or, if you already have a print subscription to History Today, you can view back issues of the magazine for free in the app.

6. History Tour on Google Earth

Virtual tours through Google Earth let you visit many places around the world where certain historical events took place. You can watch each event step-by-step and read all the details as it progresses.

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