The 10 Best GPU Overclocking Tools for Enhanced Gaming Performance

GPU overclocking is the process of increasing the performance of your graphics card using third-party software. You can overclock your GPU to deliver better performance, however there is a fine line between boosting performance and potentially harming your hardware.

While this article will not explore the concept of GPU overclocking, it does look at the best GPU overclocking apps you can use to overclock your graphics card.

1. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is one of the most popular GPU overclocking apps available. It is very reliable and works with non-MSI graphics cards as well.

It’s a free piece of software with a range of features (mainly GPU overclocking) and a custom fan profile for the perfect balance of performance and cooling. You’ll also get real-time reports of voltage, GPU usage, temperature and clock speed, available on your screen and through the integrated hardware monitor.

MSI Afterburner also features an automatic overclocking tool, OC Scanner, which automatically attempts to find the highest stable overclock settings for your GPU.

2. Riva Tuner

RivaTuner is another popular GPU overclocking app. You can use RivaTuner to tweak and manage your system’s RAM, fan speeds and performance, as well as overclock nearly NVIDIA GPUs and a limited number of AMD graphics cards.

It may not be as visually appealing as MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision, but it is a very capable and powerful GPU overclocking software that you can rely on that includes setting core voltages, power limits, clock speeds and more Includes adjustment options.

3. Nvidia Inspector

NVIDIA Inspector, as the name suggests, is designed for overclocking NVIDIA GPUs only. With it, you can overclock your GPU and check your graphics card information, as it tells you most of the technical information you need to know about your GPU.

Its simple user interface allows you to easily overclock your NVIDIA GPU. On the home panel, you will find information about your GPU. Selecting the Overclocking button at the bottom of the window reveals the NVIDIA Inspector overclocking options. From here, you’ll find presets for performance levels, target performance for fan speeds, GPU voltage, power, and temperature, so you can overclock your GPU relatively easily.

NVIDIA Inspector also receives fairly regular updates, adding support for new GPUs and the latest hardware.

4. EVGA Precision X1

Next up is EVGA’s feature-rich GPU overclocking software, the EVGA Precision X1. EVGA’s GPU overclocking app has one of the more attractive overclocking user interfaces, making it look a bit futuristic in design.

That said, it’s still fairly easy to use with various sliders for overclocking your graphics card and memory, along with other advanced features including voltage adjustments, performance graph curves, fan controls, automatic tuning, custom profiles and hotkeys. Is.

Like the MSI Afterburner, the EVGA Precision X1 also features an OC scanner that will try to find you a fast but stable GPU overclock without tinkering too much.

5. Asus GPU Tweak

Next on the GPU Overclock list is ASUS GPU Tweak, which has a useful interface full of dials, tabs, and sliders.

With regard to GPU overclocking, you will find ASUS GPU Tweak to be a comprehensive tool. Tabs on the main page enable you to switch between Default Mode, OC Mode, Silent Mode, and an Individual User Mode. Each page has options for changing voltage, setting power targets, GPU frequency, fan control, and more.

The other feature that makes ASUS GPU Tweak stand out is Profile Connect, which enables you to set different overclock settings for specific apps. Create a profile, then save it to load when you launch specific apps.

6. AMD Radeon Performance Tuning

AMD’s Radeon Software Auto Overclock is a handy one-click GPU overclock tool designed specifically for AMD hardware. It also comes with a range of preset overclock options for AMD Radeon 6000-series GPUs and will receive an update to support AMD’s 7000-series GPUs when they launch in late 2022.

Better still, Radeon Software Auto Overclock also includes some preset CPU overclock options, so you can boost performance on your AMD Ryzen CPU. The user interface is easy to use, and as AMD has opted for a one-click GPU overclock approach, this should make it a simple overclocking tool for most users.

7. ZOTAC Firestorm

Next up, we have ZOTAC Firestorm, an advanced one-click GPU overclocking tool primarily for Nvidia GPUs. It supports multiple graphics cards in SLI configuration, although with today’s powerful RTX 3000 and RTX 4000 series GPUs, it’s not the same as before.

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