Modern Warfare’s Dev Error 6036 on Windows

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a game with a huge budget, but that doesn’t mean it’s free from bugs and errors. For example, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players have encountered bad dev error 6036, which can appear at any time and lead to a complete game crash.

If you are facing this issue, we are here to help. In this article, we will share some remedies to get rid of this problem once and for all.

What causes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Dev error 6036 on Windows?

Dev error 6036 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (or “Modern Warfare” for short) mainly appears when you try to run the game with DirectX 12. However, there are some other culprits that may be responsible for this problem. ,

Let us now check out all the possible solutions that you can try to eliminate the error code.

1. Try a Basic Repair and Check

There is a good chance that Dev error 6036 appears as a one-time system glitch. Thus, restart your computer and start Modern Warfare to make sure that this was not a one-time accidental incident.

If that doesn’t fix it, the error code may be appearing because of a lack of administrative permissions. In this case, run the game as an administrator and check if it helps.

To run Modern Warfare as an administrator, right-click on the Modern Warfare shortcut icon and select Properties. Switch to the Compatibility tab, check the Run this program as an administrator box, and then click Apply.

The error code may appear because of an ongoing server outage or system-wide problem. So, before you delve into more complex fixes, head over to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare server status page to check on the service status.

If the Services are currently under maintenance or experiencing downtime, you will need to wait until they are up again to continue playing the game.

2. Set Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to run with DirectX 11

DirectX 12 is more advanced than DirectX 11, but for some reason, Modern Warfare crashes when running with DirectX 12. The solution, in this case, is to configure Modern Warfare to run with DirectX 11.

That’s it. Restart and check if you are still facing the issue.

3. Modify Modern Warfare’s Preferences Settings

Most modern big-budget titles, including Modern Warfare, require a lot of your CPU’s resources to run properly. Sometimes, other applications in the background hog your CPU and leave you with insufficient space for the game to run.

You have to close all unnecessary background running applications and modify priority settings of Modern Warfare. High priority settings will ensure that the game gets more priority than any other app.

Modern Warfare will now run with higher priority unless you manually disable it.

Check out how to disable background apps in Windows 11 to make sure no other apps are silently draining your CPU’s resources.

4. Stop all Origin services

If you have Origin installed on your computer, make sure none of its services are running in the background while you’re playing Modern Warfare. As it turns out, Dev Error 6036 can appear because of a conflict between and Origin’s services.

Next, choose the Startup tab, right-click on Origin and choose Disable. Doing so will ensure that Origin does not start automatically when the computer boots.

5. Delete Blizzard Entertainment Folder

The Blizzard Entertainment folder contains the cache data for Modern Warfare. But for whatever reason, if the contents of this folder get corrupted, you run into a number of issues, including the one discussed above.

Now, restart your computer and check if the problem persists.

6. Disable Nvidia Highlights will begin scanning the game files. If a problem is found, it will be automatically fixed through a small repair update.

Enjoy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare again

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare error codes are really frustrating. Sooner or later, you may find some string of numbers hindering your gaming experience. If you come across dev error 6036, now you know all the fixes that will be helpful in the situation.

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