How to Find the Exact Date You Created Your Facebook Account

Do you want to know when you created your Facebook account or how old is your Facebook account? There are various ways to do this.

Facebook offers its own way to help you find your join date, but there are a few other methods you can use.

Each method has different accuracy, and which method you should choose depends on your accessibility (whether you can access your Facebook account or not). Read on to learn how to check your Facebook account creation date.

Find the exact date you created your Facebook account

If you can log into your Facebook account, there is a section on the site that tells you when you created your account. This is the best way to find out Facebook Join Date, as it provides the most accurate answer.

Several new options appear on the right pane. Click View next to Access your information.

On the next screen, under the Your Information section on the left, select Personal Information.

On the right pane, see the Your Account Creation Date section. This section displays the exact date you created your Facebook account.

Using Facebook’s Welcome Email to Find Your Join Date

Another way to check how many years you’ve had Facebook is by using your welcome email.

When you sign up for an account on Facebook, the site sends you a confirmation as well as a welcome email. If you have access to the email account you used to create your Facebook account, you can find the welcome email and it should tell you the date you joined.

To use this method, open your email account’s inbox. Place your cursor in the search box and search for keywords like Welcome to Facebook, Facebook Registration Confirmation, etc.

When you receive a Facebook email that either asks you to confirm your email address or provides instructions on getting started with Facebook, the date of that email should be the date of your Facebook account creation.

This is the best method if you no longer have access to your Facebook account, or you recently created your account and therefore have the welcome email readily available. But if you regularly delete your emails, you won’t be able to see your Facebook account creation date this way.

Find out how old your Facebook account is using your profile picture

Facebook usually asks you to upload a profile picture as soon as you’ve finished creating an account. This means the upload date of your first profile picture should be your Facebook account creation date.

Although this is not always the case. Some people prefer not to upload a profile picture, so this method won’t work for them.

Find out how old your Facebook account is using old posts

Another way to find out when you created your Facebook account is by checking your oldest posts. It may sound daunting if you post regularly on Facebook, but it isn’t. You can easily find old posts on your Facebook timeline without endless scrolling. You don’t need any third-party app; You can do all of this using the built-in search functionality by taking advantage of our Facebook search tips.

However, as with the previous method, the date of your first post may not be the exact same day you created your Facebook account. Also, if you regularly delete your Facebook posts, this method will not help.

Check Your Facebook Account Creation Date

If you’ve ever wanted to know when your Facebook account was created, the methods above should help you find that information.

Keep in mind that different methods have different accuracy levels; Use the first method if you can.

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