How to Customize the Font on Your Xiaomi Device

Xiaomi’s customization features let you personalize your smartphone’s interface to suit your preferences. These features include everything from setting live wallpapers to installing and setting themes, and they also let you change the system font on your Xiaomi device.

You can personalize the font style or size to give a unique look to your Android interface. We’ll guide you through the steps to customize the font on your Xiaomi device below.

How to Change Your Font Style on Xiaomi Devices

Changing the font on your Xiaomi device can improve readability, allowing you to read text more easily. MIUI provides inbuilt options to do this. Along with trying out the best Android launchers, changing fonts is also a great way to give a completely new look to your UI.

There are two ways to change the font style: using the Themes app or going through Settings.

After choosing a font, you may need to reboot your Xiaomi device for the UI to apply. If you’re not sure how to do this, follow the instructions on the Xiaomi website.

How to Change Your Font Size on Xiaomi Devices

Your phone’s default font size may be too small or large to read clearly. To avoid constant squinting or scrolling to read text easily, you can easily change the font size in the settings.

MIUI offers impressive customization features to enable users to enjoy their Xiaomi phones with ease. If you’re using a Samsung device, you can check out the steps for installing new fonts on your Samsung phone instead.

Personalize your Xiaomi device to your taste

With MIUI Phone, you can easily customize your font style and size to fit your style. There are tons of fonts to explore before choosing the one you like best. Changing the font can make your phone look and feel more unique and easier to read.

Want to liven up the look of your phone? A new font might help. And in addition to personalization, changing the typeface can improve both readability and usability.

With Android, there are several ways to change your font style. To help you learn how to change fonts on Android, we’ve broken it down into four methods. let’s take a look.

1. Change your font style in Android Settings

For those looking for a built-in alternative, try changing your font from your device’s settings.

Not all phones can do this, and the exact path varies depending on the model and Android OS, but a general rule of thumb is to go to Settings > Display, then look for a font style or type mentioned.

For example, the default path on Samsung Galaxy devices is Settings > Display > Font and screen zoom > Font style. Afterward, you can tap to select a font, see the changes immediately, and select Apply to confirm your new selection.

You can also tap Download fonts to go to the Samsung Galaxy App Store. Here you can browse both free and paid fonts. Once installed, they are ready to use immediately.

In contrast, on the Google Pixel 3 XL, you go to Settings > Display, but then click on Styles & Wallpaper instead of the usual Fonts option. From here, you can switch between preset styles and their associated fonts.

2. Swap fonts with Launcher apps

If you’re not a fan of your default system fonts, you can still change your typeface. By downloading and experimenting with various Android launcher apps, you’ll expand your font pool for free.

Moreover, you will get to experience one of the best Android tweaks you can make without rooting. Here are some launchers worth trying.

Like Action Launcher, Nova Launcher lets you jump into its launcher settings almost instantly.

When you open Nova Launcher, Nova Settings resides on the otherwise empty home screen. From there, it’s as easy as pressing the icon. Or if you’ve already customized your launcher, tap on your app list button to select Nova Settings from the top.

However, unlike Action Launcher, the exact way to change your fonts isn’t as obvious. First, select App Drawer then Icon Layout.

Once there, tap the slider to enable Labels. Finally, you can choose from the pull-down menu under Font. Nova Launcher only comes with four fonts, but it lets you change the font size, color, shadow effect, or limit the text to a single line, all under the same menu.

Once inside, tap on Fonts and choose Select font. Go Launcher comes with five fonts by default, but it also lets you scan for fonts on your device. It will search for downloaded fonts as well as pull them from other apps you have installed.

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