Did Your Wordle Streak Disappear on iPhone or Android

It’s been a while since Wordle took the internet by storm, and many of us still love to play the game on a daily basis. With daily play, we continue to see our streaks getting longer and longer showing our dedication towards the game.

However, sometimes the streaks seem to reset. When this happens it is sad to see that we have worked hard on our score. If your word streak has been reset, hope is not lost yet, and there are a few things you can try to get it back.

Why is your word streak gone

If you delete your browsing history, clear your browsing data, or reset your phone, your Wordle streak will disappear. Some users have also reported that traveling can reset their word streak. It may have something to do with the time zone change.

Your Wordle streak may also disappear if you add a Wordle shortcut to the home screen on your mobile device. We’re not sure why this is, as bookmarks also use the same mobile browser where your original streak was. You can resolve this by continuing to play on your mobile browser.

If you love Wordle, but once a day just isn’t enough, you should also consider these six Wordle clones before trying to get your streak back.

Can you get your word streak back?

Once your word streak is gone, it’s hard to get back. There used to be a way to get your score back by going to the old Wordle website, but unfortunately that website has been shut down.

There’s now only one way to get your Wordle streak back. This includes changing the date on your phone. To do this, go to your Date & Time settings and turn off Set automatically (this may look different on Android devices).

Once you’ve done that, change the date back to the previous day, or the day your streak seems to have disappeared.

After doing this, go to the Wordle website in your mobile browser. You would then Wordle from that date.

Once you finish the puzzle, set your date and time back to the current day. If it works, you should see your word streak again when you go back to the mobile site. If you only see a two day streak, you can try this method until you get your old streak back. However, if it is a long streak it may take some time.

The above fix didn’t work? Unfortunately, you’ll have to start over

If you tried setting the date back and she’s still gone, chances are she’s gone forever, and there’s no way to get her back. While this may sound like a bad thing, sometimes there’s nothing wrong with starting over.

It also gives you a chance to get a better streak and allows you to use what you have learned so far to improve and get a better score. Hopefully, in the future, you can save your Wordle streaks to a Wordle account.

Wordle is taking the Internet by storm, going from a few dozen users to millions of users in a matter of months. With so many people playing Wordle, you may be wondering if (and how) you can play it on your iPhone or iPad.

If you are wondering, here is the answer you are looking for.

Can You Play Wordle on Your iPhone or iPad?

The answer is yes, you can play Wordle on your iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices. All you have to do is visit the official Wordle website on any mobile device.

The website is optimized for mobile devices, so you can easily play the game like you play an app on your phone. The mobile website will also save your progress and let you share your score.

Wordle website also has many features like hard mode or dark mode. If you’re color-blind, Wordle also has a color blind mode option. All these features work flawlessly on your mobile device.

Add Wordle to Your iPhone Home Screen

Wordle doesn’t have an iOS app at this time. But if you want to add the Wordle website to your home screen and open it like a normal app, you can do so on any iOS or iPadOS device.

First of all, go to the official Wordle website. Once there, tap on the Share icon at the bottom of the screen.

Once it’s open, scroll down to Add to Home Screen. Tap it to open Settings and tap Add in the top right corner.

Once this is done, you can quickly access the Wordle website from the home screen. Doing this on later iOS versions will also remove the top web address bar, so you can focus more on the game. It will also be like a real app.

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