8 Smart Gadgets and Equipment to Upgrade Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is an ancient practice that has the power to heal your body and mind. But the key to getting the most out of your exercises is having the right tools and equipment. You might not think that yoga and technology go well together, but there are tons of smart gadgets, devices, and appliances that prove otherwise. So whether you’re a yoga novice or a seasoned pro, consider these smart products to enhance your practice.

1. Smart Yoga Mat | Yogify Gen 2

Probably one of the most essential pieces of yoga equipment is the yoga mat. Firstly, a proper yoga mat ensures that you are comfortable when you are practicing on hard floors. Second, it prevents you from slipping while doing different poses. The perfect smart yoga exercise mat for the job is the Yogify Gen 2.

The mat works using AI and offers some amazing features including activity tracking, posture detection, and real-time feedback. To use Yogify Gen 2, simply connect your smartphone or tablet to the mat and use the app to do yoga anywhere. It’s like having a personal trainer by your side so you can practice without worrying that you’re doing the postures wrong.

2. Smart Fitness Tracker | Fitbit

Whether you love swimming, cycling or running, a great piece of technology to use for every workout is a fitness or activity tracker. Many fitness trackers—one of the best options out there, Fitbit—can track yoga workouts as well.

Fitbit offers several trackers to choose from, including the Fitbit Charge, Inspire, and Versa. All of these trackers have specific exercise tracking mode shortcuts, one of them being Yoga. In addition, Fitbit can improve your yoga sessions by helping you focus on calories burned, breathing, heart rate, and sleep schedules.

3. Smart Water Bottle | aqua

Yoga may be a gentle and low-impact form of exercise, but the folding, twisting, stretching and balancing can really work up a sweat! Staying hydrated is essential for cooling your body and replacing lost fluids. Forget the plastic water bottle; Instead, replace it with a smart water bottle from EQUA.

EQA smart water bottles come in a variety of colors, but they all have a number of intelligent features. Primarily, the bottle glows to show whether you’re hydrated or need to take a sip. Plus, it connects with the companion EQUA app to easily track your water intake and hydration history.

4. Smart Exercise Towel | mizu towel

If you tend to get sweaty during your yoga sessions, keep yourself clean and dry by using a workout towel — especially if you’re practicing in a public studio or gym. Stay fresh by using the Mizu Smart Towel, which is both smart and luxurious.

The smart aspect of the towels are the color-changing strips that let you know when your towel is dirty and needs to be washed. Plus, the towels help prevent the growth of bacteria as they are made from a combination of cotton and pure silver threads. Additionally, the towels come in handy sets of up to eight.

5. Smart Yoga Pants | pulse x

If you don’t think it is necessary to wear yoga pants to do yoga, then think again. The right yoga pants should be breathable, stretchy, and stylish, like the Nadi X Smart Yoga Pants. What sets these pants apart, however, are the built-in sensors that help you refine your flow.

These sensors guide you through your yoga sessions using audio and vibration cues. This makes it easy to always get each pose right without an actual instructor, which means you can save time and money practicing yoga from the comfort of your own home. The pants work by connecting to the Nadi X app on your smartphone. From there you can use the app to select a yoga pose and set the vibration strength as well.

6. Smart Posture Corrector | Streak

Good posture matters because it can improve your overall health. In fact, an article in Harvard Health Publishing states that good posture is important for maintaining correct posture while exercising. Good form is also an incredibly important aspect of yoga.

Strack is a smart posture trainer that attaches to your back and gently vibrates when you need to correct your posture. Plus, you can connect the device to the My Strack app to monitor, train, and record your posture over time and see where you need improvement.

7. Smart Gym Bag | Novo

It’s important to have a reliable gym bag to accommodate all your yoga goodies. This is especially important if you prefer to do yoga away from home. Still, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could use the bag to refresh the contents of your bag?

The Novo Bag has smart capabilities that give it the power to clean your yoga clothes and gear in less than 15 minutes. The Smart Bag is easy to use: As all you have to do is download the free DressFresh app, pair it with your bag, and then choose from four cleaning cycles.

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