8 iPhone Apps for the Selfie Obsessed

Selfies have always existed as a cornerstone of modern social media. If you’re regularly active on any of the major social networks, you know that selfies are a quick and easy way to connect with your followers.

The iPhone camera and photography software have improved a lot, and you can take great selfies without much effort. However, there is always room to spice things up and turn a simple selfie into an engaging post. Here are the best iPhone selfie apps to help you do just that.

1. Airbrush

Airbrush is one of the most popular apps out there, mainly thanks to its excellent retouching tools that enable people to change their facial features.

Unlike other selfie apps that throw a bunch of features at you, Airbrush enhances the user experience with a simple interface and intuitive menus without being light on features. It has tools like an acne remover, a blemish remover, an eye brightener, and more.

The airbrush’s sculpting tool allows users to adjust their facial expressions to their liking. These features, combined with the app’s delicious selection of image filters and excellent color correction tools, can help you improve your selfies and avoid adding unnatural looks.

2. Retrica

Retrica is one of the oldest and most iconic selfie apps, which initially became popular because of its incredible filters. The app still focuses on that, with a few new effects sprinkled on top.

Retrica doesn’t have a home page or cluttered menus, so you’re greeted with the Retrica camera as soon as you launch it. You can take a selfie, choose a filter from over 180 options, and tell a story—all at once.

Retrica is similar to other vintage film camera apps, but less heavy-handed and allows you to play with simple effects like vignettes and background blur. This is a selfie app for those who love retro-aesthetics; Hence the name.

3. Cymera

Cymera is packed full of features to help you add dramatic effects to your pictures. It has everything that most other apps provide: a large assortment of filters and editing tools that allow you to tweak (or warp) yourself, background objects, or any other area of the image.

With Cymera, you also get access to a variety of photo-shooting techniques. The app quickly recognizes faces, so you can adjust skin tone, change hair color, and even fix smiles.

Plus, you can remove dark circles, perfect your hair or makeup, and add beauty filters to help enhance a simple selfie.

4. Facetune Editor

Facetune Editor is one of the more advanced retouching apps. It asks you what you’re using the app for right after launch and tries to tailor the experience to your use case by walking you through valuable features.

Facetune has advanced features like skin smoothing, makeup/contour tools and color correction. Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll quickly grasp these tools thanks to the intuitive interface.

There’s a backdrop tool to help you add a custom background, and patching and visual tools to help you block out and remove the elements you want. The cherry on top is the device that allows you to create the perfect lighting setup for selfies.

In short, Facetune is an app for creatives—if you’ve got solid editing skills, it’s your Photoshop for iPhone.

5. B 612

While the Retrica is famous for providing a vintage and retro look, the B612 is the polar opposite. That’s because the B612 encourages you to create more vibrant and modern-looking images, thanks mainly to its selection of filters.

If you like saturated selfies that have vibrant colors and “pop” to them, B612 is the app you want to try.

It has improved over the years and integrated standard tools available in specialized selfie apps. Now you can adjust RGB value of your selfie, add trendy stickers/effects and retouch your selfie.

Most of the B612’s features are free, but a “VIP” membership is also available, which gives you access to more filters, stickers, and editing tools.

6. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect goes beyond providing users with extensive retouching tools to enhance their selfies. The app differentiates itself from others by having a separate menu called Beautify dedicated to those retouching tools.

This section of the app has an auto feature which enhances the image wherever possible. You can use manual tools to sharpen your jaw line, smooth skin, correct a smile, correct the shape of your lips, and more.

Users can use the app to erase unwanted objects from the background, add animated effects or stickers, or even correct the lighting and color profile of an image.

All these features together make it the best retouching software for iPhone.

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