7 Signs of Unhealthy Social Media Usage

There is no doubt that social networks have become an integral part of our lives. Many people cannot live without checking, chatting or posting something on social media. Does social media make us happy, or does it make us dependent?

While social platforms have many benefits, such as allowing us to connect and reconnect with friends and family, there are signs of unhealthy social media use that everyone should be aware of. If you find yourself doing these seven things, your social media habits may be unhealthy.

1. You Feel Inadequate

According to a study conducted by the University of British Columbia, social media can affect a person’s level of happiness, depending on how they use it.

The study notes: “Seeing images and updates that selectively portray others may lead social media users to underestimate how many people actually experience negative emotions and lead people to conclude that inspires that have a life of their own, with a mix of positive and negative emotions. The comparison, not that great.”

It’s normal to react to what you see on social media. However, if you feel like your life isn’t as interesting as you seem, or that you’re not good enough, it could be a sign that you’re letting social media dictate how you feel. . If you compare your life to what you see on social media, you may feel inadequate.

2. It’s replacing face-to-face time

If you don’t meet people face-to-face, and are only looking at people’s posts online, you may be missing out on an integral part of healthy socialization. If social media use is taking the place of in-person interactions, it may be time to check in with yourself to make sure your social media use isn’t unhealthy.

This does not apply to people who have weakened immune systems or have disabilities that prevent them from meeting face-to-face. But make sure that endless scrolling is not taking the place of real interactions with others.

3. You get social media withdrawal

Social media has many negative effects on people and users. If you find yourself unable to go on without checking social media, or if you just can’t seem to take a break from it for a few hours or days, it could be a sign that you’re addicted. Unhealthy habits and patterns start when you are unable to quit something, even for a short period of time.

If you have a fear of missing out on what’s happening in the world, and you’re using social media to check up on what everyone else is up to, it could be a sign that you’re taking your life away through social media. Living life If you find yourself constantly checking, replying or commenting on posts, it might be time to take a break and return to real life.

4. You’re Losing Sleep

If you are losing sleep over it then it is a sign of unhealthy social media use. Whether you can’t keep it down before bed, or you find yourself waking up in the night to check on it, these signs point to an unhealthy pattern you’ve developed.

5. Your self-esteem suffers

Social media is full of selfie takers. While there’s nothing wrong with seeing your friends, influencers, and celebrities taking a few pictures of themselves, you shouldn’t live with low self-esteem after seeing or posting these pictures. Similarly, if you’re dealing with a mental health diagnosis and what you see on social media is inciting or triggering you, it can be detrimental to your well-being.

6. Social media is affecting your relationships

It can be said that social media has some negative effects on relationships. If your loved one is accusing you of spending more time on social media than with them, it could be a sign that your close relationship is deteriorating.

7. You find yourself drifting away

If you’re using social media in unhealthy ways, like creeping through your ex’s timeline, you’re going too far. This type of behavior is not only harmful to your well-being, but it also won’t help you recover or move on with your life.

Similarly, if someone has removed you from their friends list, and you are negatively affected by it, then you are taking social media too seriously. Overall, it may be time to step back and assess how to take a break from social media.

Keep your social media use under control

Depending on how you’ve been using social media, you probably know when you need to take a break. This is why it is good to keep your social media usage under control.

From taking regular breaks to assessing your social media habits, you can determine whether your social media use is healthy or unhealthy. It is important to know that nothing will happen if you go without social media for a day or so.

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