11 Essential Windows Apps for Students

Technology has changed the way students approach their education and how teachers present themselves in the classroom. A student has access to a large number of apps on his computer.

Choosing the right kind of app can help you complete assignments, acquire or retain knowledge, and enhance learning outcomes. We show you some of the best Windows apps that will definitely come in handy during this academic year.

1. OneNote

Research has shown that taking notes improves your learning outcomes. Microsoft OneNote comes with a variety of features for capturing information and managing notes. With deep-structured linking syntax, you can connect ideas and information in any way you want.

OneNote Class Notebook is a free add-in for OneNote 2016 (and above) and is built into the OneNote app. It is a personal, collaborative workspace for each teacher and student. Teachers can create notebooks for each class and manage which students can access and distribute the Handouts content library.

With Class Notebook, you can get real-time feedback from your teacher. It can integrate with a Learning Management System (LMS) to make assignments or submit grades directly from the notebook. If this interests you, read How to Use OneNote Efficiently at School.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is essential software for school and college students. The app comes with a built-in office suite, file syncing, and cloud storage. It allows you and the teacher to share content, collaborate, and get feedback from them.

Documents help you to write essays and assignments with accurate citations. Follow these tips and tricks to boost your Google Docs productivity. Sheets is great for studying data analysis, statistics, and math. Slides lets you make presentations and review lecture notes provided by your teacher.

You can share files with other classmates and teachers, and they, in turn, can add comments like notes, feedback, or questions for other collaborators. However, if your school has access to Microsoft 365, you may be eligible for a free Microsoft Office subscription.

3. Anki Flashcards

Studying any subject matter involves reading, taking notes, and memorization. Anki is a study tracker app for PC that uses flashcards to remember things. There are two simple concepts behind Anki: active recall testing and spaced repetition. Both of these techniques ensure that whatever you’re learning goes into long-term memory.

Start by making a deck and note cards. You can include items with certain words, basics with optional reversed cards, and more. You can also create a card and customize its settings. The built-in card browser lets you view and edit any recently learned or added notes.

When learning an old or new card, Anki will periodically add your cards to check how much you have learned or remembered them. It then grades the progress and syncs it to the Windows and mobile apps.

4. IStudy Pro

A study planner app for PC can help you organize assignments and keep track of all activities. With iStudiez Pro, you’ll never lose track of your classes, schedule, and homework again. To get started, enter all the data from your syllabus along with the details of classes and exam dates.

The overview section gives a complete picture of the class schedule with assignments. You can list tasks and add due dates for that assignment. The Assignments section lists all assignments sorted by priority or due date. You can also keep track of your grades and calculate GPA.

5. Wolfram Alpha

Google crawls the web to give you the best possible information. However, it is not enough for students to learn something new. Wolfram Alpha is a computational search engine that answers any question using a built-in knowledge base and artificial intelligence.

You can use this tool to find specific information on units, formulas, equations, statistics, data analysis, facts or figures with scientific explanation, and much more. You can practice science quizzes, math puzzles, or get answers to a variety of topics like finance, calculus, algebra, and statistics with one click.

6. LiquidText

LiquidText is a study software for PC to read PDF. It is designed for non-linear reading that streamlines the process of active reading, annotation making and note taking. On the left, you’ll see the document navigation panel and on the right, the workspace. To get started, highlight a sentence and click AutoExcerpt.

Add a comment (if any) to the excerpt from the popup menu. LiquidText will drag this part into the workspace. As you add fragments, you can drag or group them and make connections. You can do this for one or three documents at a time.

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